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Episode 4: Judy Blume, Forever

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Yes, you read that title right. For our fourth episode, we took to the Book Fight Basement to discuss a book aimed at teenage girls. To help with the task, we invited our first guest: Katherine Hill, a Philadelphia writer and Barrelhouse assistant editor.

Katherine’s first appearance in the Book Fight basement

This was Tom’s virgin Forever . . . experience, while both Mike and Katherine read the book at rather formative ages (and perhaps felt a special kinship with the novel’s main characters, with whom they share first names). On the podcast, we consider what lessons teenagers might learn from the book, and why so many parents seem intent on banning it. Other topics include: Planned Parenthood, shirtless tennis instructors, mustaches, the perils of beach sex, and the pros and cons of naming one’s genitals.

You can download the episode below (right click, save as) to listen on any mp3-comptabile player, or you can stream it by clicking on the little player thingy:

Download Episode 4: Judy Blume, Forever

As always, you can email us at bookfightpod(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to offer some feedback, yell at us, pass along love notes, or suggest future books.

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