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Episode 7.5: Jason Lewis, The Fourteenth Colony


NOTE 4/6/14: Due to some sort of technical issue I am unqualified to explain, this episode seems to have been lost to the universe, so the download link won’t work. Apologies to Book Fight completists across the globe.  – Tom

Our guest from Episode 7, Jason Lewis, was nice enough to hang around and chat a bit about his own book, The Fourteenth Colony, and his decision to self-publish using funding generated by Kickstarter. Jason paired the novel with an album’s worth of original music, and we’ve included a couple of those songs in the episode for your listening pleasure.

Jason was a classmate of ours at the Iowa Writers Workshop, and we talk about how that program prepared him for the world of publishing, what his expectations are for this book, some of the potential perils of self-publishing, and the potential to bring something of the DIY spirit of indie music to the world of literary fiction.

You can purchase Jason’s novel through his website, Sad Iron Press.

We’ll be back later this week with our next full-length episode, on Chad Harbach’s debut novel The Art of Fielding. Judging from the Facebook conversation I had with Tom and our special guest earlier this week, this one might get heated. Stay tuned!

Download Episode 7.5 (right-click, save as)

**Apologies for some of the sound issues in this one. We recorded Jason via Skype, which is something we’re still working out the kinks of. Most of it’s fine, but there are a few moments where we must have picked up a little feedback or background noise. We’re working on it, and learning as we go.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 7.5: Jason Lewis, The Fourteenth Colony

  1. Umm. The play and download links are broken.

  2. Sorry about that – I think at some point the file itself got destroyed or eaten by the internet or something (this is the most technical explanation I am capable of giving), so I don’t know if this episode exists anymore.

    I’ll update the post now.

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