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Episode 12: Stephen Graham Jones, Growing Up Dead in Texas

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Quite possibly our goofiest episode yet. We worry about bearnadoes (much scarier, and claw-ier, than tornadoes), ponder why Tom doesn’t know how to pronounce the word “bury,” and brainstorm the first Book Fight Presents graphic novel, featuring a superhero Dave Eggers taking flight fueled solely by whimsy.

Somewhere in all that, we also manage to talk about the book, Stephen Graham Jones’ engaging novel Growing Up Dead in Texas, which blurs the lines between fact and fiction to tell the story of a mysterious cotton fire in his hometown of Greenwood, Texas, that left several lives permanently damaged in its wake. Jones was thirteen when the fire happened; now, more than twenty years later, he’s diving back into an investigation of the event, whether the people of this small West Texas town want him to or not.

You can give a listen below, by clicking on the little player thingy, or download the file to play on any mp3-compatible device. Or click on the iTunes logo over there on the sidebar to pull up the episode in the iTunes store.

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Download Episode 12: Stephen Graham Jones, Growing Up Dead in Texas (right-click, save-as)


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