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Episode 13: John Barth, On With the Story

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This week, your loyal Book Fighters try to figure out how they could have such different responses to the same book. One of us found the metafictional elements of On with the Story delightful, while the other found them smug and unfunny. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Will the podcast finally come to blows? Will yet one more friendship be ruined by literature?

We also try to figure out what our students really mean when they say stories are “depressing.” Are all good stories depressing? Can there be a literature of happiness?

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One thought on “Episode 13: John Barth, On With the Story

  1. gizmolina skriver:Nej ! har inte fått något mejl från dig och nu är det verligen bråttom ! Check adressen, du måste ha skrivit fel !

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