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Writers Ask: Episode 1

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This week, we debut our new feature: mini-episodes called Writers Ask, in which we dispense life and writing advice to inquisitive listeners. For the foreseeable future, the plan is to alternate between Writers Ask episodes and our standard, longer book discussions, posting new episodes every Monday.

This week’s questions:

1) What are the limits of perseverance in the face of writerly rejection? When does one know to stop submitting a story?

2) How important is it that your friends are good writers? Is it okay to break up with someone for writing bad poetry?

Also: how does Tom feel about people walking their dogs without leashes? Should Mike still talk about having been nominated for a Pushcart Prize? Would Tom and John Popper make a good couple? And John McCain and Al Gore limericks.

Download Writers Ask Episode 1 (right-click, save as)

Do you have a question for a future episode of Writers Ask? We’re willing to offer advice on just about anything, but especially happy to respond to questions about writing, publishing, and what I guess you would call “the writing life.” Three options for submitting questions:

– Email us at

– Click on the Fight Back link at the top of the page

– Send us a question via Twitter, either @Book_Fight and/or by using the hashtag #WritersAsk


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