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Are you sitting there in your office or at your coffee shop or surreptitiously scanning your ipad in the back row of church or reading this over the shoulder of a woman in the bus depot and wondering: how can I get more Book Fight in my life? 

Probably you are. And that’s okay, because probably you are not alone.

Sure, there’s the twitter feed (@Book_fight) and there’s the Barrelhouse Facebook page, and this website, and your weekly podcasts. But something has been missing, a sense of connectedness, an opportunity to connect with other Book Fight listeners, another venue through which to send us questions and book suggestions, a place where you add your own thoughts on books we’ve discussed and can see tiny thumbnail photos of our faces while doing so.

Because we are problem solvers, we have solved that problem for you. Now you can join our GoodReads group, which offers you all those options and more. It’s actually a handy little tool to have that sight, so that you can easily tell us exactly why we’re wrong about Pym or The Art of Fielding. You can post Writers Ask questions, start discussion topics, and tell us what books we should be reading. You can follow from our discussions to see what other Goodreads users are saying.

And, actually addressing a real question we get– you can easily follow what books we’re currently reading and/or planning to read.

Probably there’s a lot more to it but we’re new to this group page thing and right now that’s as much as we’ve figured out, and, hey, listen just go join it and invite your Goodreads using friends to join so that we can build up our community and continue to grow our Internet empire.




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