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Writers Ask: Book Fight Island

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This week, we tackle questions about how to promote your book without annoying people, whether writing can be taught, and if you should worry too much about your stylistic influences. Talking points include: Facebook baby photos, giving out healthy treats for Halloween, John Gardner’s On Becoming a Novelist, Tom’s love of animals, and The Lockhorns, America’s least happy cartoon couple.

As mentioned on the show, we were involved this past weekend in a Halloween pumpkin-carving contest. Here are our finished pumpkins, side by side:

A closer look at Tom’s pumpkin, which he claims was inspired by that James Franco movie where he gets trapped in a rock and has to saw his arm off:

And here’s a closer look at Mike’s pumpkin, which he’s calling “Haunted Foreclosed McMansion.”

We carve, America; you decide.

A quick programming note: We’re scheduled to record an episode with special guest Paul Lisicky this Wednesday, but as many of you know a giant storm seems to be bearing down on the east coast of America, taking pretty square aim at Book Fight Headquarters (also known as Tom’s house). We promise we’ll have something for you next Monday, so long as the greater Philadelphia metro area hasn’t descended into chaos. But if Paul can’t swing the visit, it might be a special episode of Writers Ask: Hurricane Survival. We’ll keep you posted.

As always, listen to the show right here, by clicking on the little player below, or download the mp3 file. Or you can find us in the iTunes store, Stitcher Radio, Instacast, or (just about) any other source for podcasts. Want to ask us questions, or send us feedback? Just click here to send us a message.

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One thought on “Writers Ask: Book Fight Island

  1. To clarify, it wasn’t originally a Franco pumpkin. I just retconned it after I accidentally cut the guy’s arm off.

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