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Episode 20: Hurricane Sandy Stir-Crazy Spectacular

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Our original plans this week were thrown a curveball by the weather, but where lesser podcasters would have thrown in the towel, your Book Fight hosts dug in their heels, packed up their lunchpails, and employed various other sports-related cliches to bring you the weekly dose of book-related chatter you need in your life.

We took the opportunity to try out a couple new segments: The Bookshelf of Shame, in which we admit to books we’ve owned (and proudly displayed) for a long time without having actually read them; and Judging a Book By Its Cover, in which we … well, that one’s probably self-explanatory.

If you’d like to judge along at home, here are the two covers we had to work with:

Also, for your reference, here’s the cover of Kingsley Amis’s The Old Devils, which we also quibbled over in the episode:

If you like these new segments, and would like to hear us do them more often, let us know. Or, if you’d like for us to NEVER do them again, you can tell us that, too. We should be back to our regular schedule soon, with future episodes featuring special guests like Paul Lisicky (discussing Jane Bowles’ Two Serious Ladies) and Owen King (discussing Thomas Bernhard’s Correction).

If you’ve got book suggestions for us, questions for our Writers Ask episodes, or any other kind of feedback, click on the ‘Fight Back’ link at the top of the page to unload your thoughts in our general direction.

As always, you can listen to the episode here, by clicking on the little player thingy below, or you can download the mp3 file, either here or through iTunes. Even better, subscribe to the show, and never miss a new episode again.

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