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Writers Ask: Swallowed by Anger


Would you like to hear more of Tom’s thoughts on National Novel Writing Month? Would you like it if Mike subjected Tom to a lightning round of NaNoWriMo-related questions pulled off Yahoo! Answers, the express purpose of which is to make Tom’s head explode in anger? If so, this is your week!

Also: is it immoral, or just annoying, for journals to charge reading fees? And what’s the best way to approach revision?

Talking points include: Mean-spirited playground nicknames, editing vs. retyping, tricking yourself into objectivity, how to fund a literary journal, writing contests, and how Narrative Magazine is basically just a pyramid scheme. Oh, and books about ninjas.

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3 thoughts on “Writers Ask: Swallowed by Anger

  1. Hey guys, thanks for fielding my question.

    John Irving said in his little autobio that he revises like crazy. Gotta take his word for it, but he made a pretty convincing argument.

    Thanks for the answer. Though I didn’t quite understand what the-first-guy (you guys should say your names a few times) does at his fourth revision.
    Slam it out. Revise on screen. Revise aloud. Then? I don’t quite get what happens between 3 and 4.

    That said, cool to hear from y’all. Good work. It’s even hard for me to come up with my number because I tend to work a little bit here, work a little bit there, etc.

    On submission fees:
    Glad you brought up the “easily dismissable” thing. Word.

    It already sucks that writers don’t get paid as often as they don’t get paid. But making writer’s pay? It’s messed up.

  2. Thanks for the note, Brady. I’ll let Tom field the question about his revision process (that was him). Glad to hear I’m not alone in my irritation at reading fees. -Mike

  3. Thanks for checking in, Brady, and sorry for the lack of clarity. Round 4 is usually a read on the screen (since most of the other drafts are on paper, I like to mix it up at least once), where I’m looking for an overall sense of the reading experience (as opposed to, say, drafts 3 and 6, in which I’m especially focused on the sounds and rhythms of the language). So in draft 4, I read it a little differently, and tend to make changes as I go, and also work to implement all the stuff I’ve marked up in my 3rd draft.

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