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Episode 21: Thomas Bernhard, Correction

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This week, we welcome special guest Owen King, author of the story collection We’re All in This Together and the forthcoming Double Feature (which you can pre-order by clicking on that link). Owen suggested we read Thomas Bernhard’s Correction, a 280-page book that’s one long paragraph–and we were up for the challenge.

Discussion points include: obsession, Wittgenstein, suicide, grad school arguments, unreliable narrators, and Robert Parrish’s relative blackness.

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One thought on “Episode 21: Thomas Bernhard, Correction

  1. Great episode. A few thoughts.

    1) Definitely feel you on writers getting into your head. I did one of the Painted Bride writers’ slams at the Pen & Pencil a couple years ago after driving all the way back from Columbus, OH, listening to Adrian McKinty’s DEAD I MAY WELL BE and all my stories ended up coming out in his crazy brogue. And violence. It was really easy for me to write about violence then.

    2) I listened to this while running and know I totally had a second thing I wanted to say and don’t know what it was.

    3) Nice plug of THE MOUNTAIN GOATS. You could probably do a Book Fight about one of his whole albums. THE SUNSET TREE Would be a great one to walk through.

    also, you might get slightly more comments on here if it wasn’t necessary to log in to WordPress to make them

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