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Writers Ask: Turkey Day Special

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This week, we tackle questions about personalized rejections, the best gifts for writers, and how to overcome writers’ block. Fair warning, listeners: this episode was recorded after a full day of Thanksgiving revelry (and eating!) with Tom’s in-laws. We might be a bit punchier than usual. Witness, for instance, Mike doing his impression of Mark Twain at around the 20 minute mark.

Also: this week we have a sponsor! Please check out Andrew Keating’s new story collection, Participants. If you pre-order before Dec. 3, when the book releases, you can have it for only $7.49. A tremendous bargain, frankly. Andrew’s a great guy, and a talented writer, and deserving of your time and money. After Dec. 3 the price goes up to ten bucks, which is still a great deal when you consider the sheer man-hours it takes to write a solid book of stories (a lot!).

If you’d like to sponsor an episode of the show, visit our Support page for more information. We’re offering episode sponsorships for just $50, as a way to raise money for new audio equipment. That price might not last that long, since soon we’ll be super-famous, and our ad rates will skyrocket accordingly. This is a good chance to get in on the ground floor, by sponsoring an episode which will stay live (and free!) on the Internet forever. We’re happy to advertise a book, a press, or a product or service useful to writers or readers.

If you don’t have anything to advertise, but would like to throw a few bucks our way, we’ve got gifts and giveaways for donation levels starting at just five bucks. Visit the support page for more details, or check out the post directly below this one, which lays out why we’re asking for money, and our goals for the show. I’ve spent the past few weeks geeking out about audio equipment, and can guarantee that if we reach our goal, the show will sound just as good as anything you hear on the radio (well, in terms of audio quality, at least; we’ve still got to work on our This American Life voices).

As always, you can stream the episode here on the site, or download it (for free) via iTunes. Or just subscribe to the show in iTunes, to make sure you get each new episode as soon as it drops.

Thanks for listening!

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