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Introducing Blurbs in the Wild

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Hey, Internet: scroll up a little. Look at the top of this page: there’s something new.

Today, we’re rolling out a new feature on the website called Blurbs in the Wild. Go click on it. Or, actually, wait a minute, read the rest of this, and then click on it.

We talk about blurbs a lot on the show, and we’ve even tried our hand at writing blurbs in exchange for small donations, and decided it would be a fun project to collect all the most ridiculous blurbs we encounter on book jackets and elsewhere. We’ve added some already, and plan to continually update it as we find more, but we’d love your help in making the list as comprehensive as possible: send us the best bad blurbs you can find at bookfightpod (at) gmail (dot) com, or via Twitter @Book_Fight (using #BadBlurbs), and we’ll add the best ones we receive to the site.

Okay, now go click on it. Or click here and watch the magic happen.


One thought on “Introducing Blurbs in the Wild

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