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Episode 23: George Singleton, Stray Decorum

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This week’s a Mike pick: George Singleton’s new story collection, Stray Decorum (Dzanc Books), which is set in (mostly) small-town South Carolina and populated by men who are using their intelligence in all the wrong ways. Also there’s a monkey, and lots and lots of dogs. We also bring back our Judge A Book By Its Cover feature, take a couple potshots at Tucker Max, and blurb three more donors to our fundraising drive.


This week’s episode is sponsored by Cobalt, a literary journal based in Baltimore and publishing both online and in print. They’re offering a special discount to Book Fight listeners: the new print issue for just $6 (half-off the cover price). To get the discount, follow this link. While you’re there, check out their new online issue, which just went live today.

For those who want to see the cover of Jon Longhi’s Wake up and Smell the Beer so you can judge along with us:


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One thought on “Episode 23: George Singleton, Stray Decorum

  1. There’s something special about that Wake Up and Smell the Beer cover. I’d read it for the picture alone. However, the description cuts away about half of my enthusiasm, and the $12 price tag for an ebook erodes the rest. Did you ever read it?

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