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Episode 27: Jami Attenberg, The Melting Season

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A novel that prompts a discussion of how we pick books, and why certain books stress us out: Jami Attenberg’s The Melting Season gives us plenty to talk–and argue–about.


Talking points include: story structure, penis length versus penis girth, athletes versus writers, Mexican vacations, and Mike’s junior tennis career. We also debut a new feature at the end of the show, tentatively titled Mike and Tom Recommend, in which we … well, recommend stuff (and bicker about said recommendations, as it turns out).

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Episode 27: Jami Attenberg, The Melting Season (right-click, save-as)

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Here’s a link to Tom’s syllabus addition, which we mentioned in the episode: Two self-explanatory additions to my syllabi this semester.

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One thought on “Episode 27: Jami Attenberg, The Melting Season

  1. i have two sign off suggestions for you:

    “time fore us to book it” ( that one’s from Keri)

    “tune if next week, as we turn the page on this episode.” ( that is my suggestion)

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