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Writers Ask: The Children Are Our Future

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A very special episode this week, listeners! We’re fielding questions from a creative writing class at Tom’s high school alma mater, La Salle College High School in Philadelphia. It’s time for some serious mentoring. Changing lives!

But there’s plenty in here for the adults, too. In fact, despite our best efforts, there might be more cursing than is ideal for a high school class. Sorry for the swears, pre-adults! But we hope our answers are helpful: on revision, mining stories from Facebook, how to craft a good piece of literary nonfiction, and more.

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Thanks for listening! Tell your friends! Sorry about the swears!


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One thought on “Writers Ask: The Children Are Our Future

  1. Tom,

    This is Dr. D., one of your former English teachers. Dennis Bloh alerted me to your book and to Book Fight. First, congratulations on the book. I remember your father and enjoyed talking with him, though I can’t remember why he was seeing me because my recollection is that you were a good student or at least I liked having you in my class.

    I never thought you were surly at all, and I’m very happy you have pursued your writing career. Frankly, every English teacher wants to have that kid who pursues a love for writing in his class. Best of luck. I’d love to talk to you about writing sometime.

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