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Writers Ask: Flash, Revisited


Several weeks ago we lodged some complaints–or maybe just confusions?–about the genre known as “flash fiction.” This week we welcome author Matthew Salesses to help sort us out on the subject. But first we tackle some listener questions: about writing advice we dole out to our students but don’t follow, and books we hate. Plus, Mike’s still mad about losing the 6th-grade science fair, and Tom still carries a grudge against The Decameron, because of a teacher who gave him the finger.

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4 thoughts on “Writers Ask: Flash, Revisited

  1. Clicked off before you two ever got around to talking about writing. Way too much random irrelevant bantering. Suggestion: keep your personal chit chat to yourselves.

  2. The off topic discussion is largely the point, if not for everyone. I might suggest something in an NPR Precious Booktime Corner or maybe Glimmer Train?

  3. Spendid episode. I think Duotrope has an option for ‘novelette’ as a category descriptor, which is probably where that AWP guy picked it up.

    • Thanks, Neil. Re: the first comment, I think Mike and I both knew this digressive approach to the show would not work for everybody, but a) it’s the only way we know how to talk to each other, and b) it’s good to hear some people are enjoying it.

      Anyway, didn’t realize Duotrope was (maybe) responsible for that; I was, at best, a casual user even when they were free.

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