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Checking in with a rare non-Monday post here to ask you all to check out THE VIOLET HOUR, a new novel by our friend and two-time guest (episodes 4 and 15) Katherine Hill.

Look, we know that if you follow a lot of lit people on Twitter and Facebook and etc, then  you’re being told to buy a dozen books a day, and you’re overwhelmed and probably annoyed. BUT, if you’ve listened to the show, you know she’s really smart and funny and has insightful things to say about literature, and anyway, look at this review in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Or any of these reviews anywhere.  Or read an excerpt.

And then go buy it (if you happen to buy it by first clicking the Powell’s link on this page, that would be okay with us). Buy three copies– one for the office, one for the car in case of traffic jams, one for home. We at Barrelhouse have known for a while now that Katherine is on the verge of becoming a Big Deal and we’re really excited for her and hope you’ll love her book.

Also: stay tuned for her world record-breaking third Book Fight appearance, which will probably post in early October and will be about Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook, because Katherine I guess really thought it would be fun to make us read a 600 page book?


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