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Writers Ask: Retweet This

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On this week’s episode we’re answering questions about personal statements for MFA applications, books about religious characters, and why it annoys Tom (but not Mike) when writers retweet people’s praise and positive reviews.

Talking points include: Book Fight fan fiction, Bobby Bowden, Tom the Grouch, Texas, dogs eating chocolate, and pork bullets.

As always, you can stream the episode here on our site, or check us out in the iTunes store. If you use a program other than iTunes–and we get it, iTunes is sometimes a pain in the ass–you can find the RSS feed for our show over there in the right-hand column. Subscribing to that will get you all the new episodes, too.

Thanks for listening! Feel free to tell us in the comments how right or wrong we are with this week’s advice. Or you can send us an email, by clicking on the ‘Fight Back’ link at the top of the page. Or hit us up on Twitter.


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