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Annual Fundraising begins now

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Time for a rare midweek post to note that we’ve begun our annual fundraising drive, which functions to cover our various administrative costs, but also to make this a financially viable enterprise for us.  Full details of our goals and the donor rewards are on our support page, but two highlights include:

1) For a $20 donation, you get a private download link to a special BONUS EPISODE of the show, in which we discuss Rush Limbaugh’s foray into young adult novels, RUSH REVERE AND THE BRAVE PILGRIMS.

2) For a $25 donation, you get the BOOK FIGHT FRIENDS AND FAMILY  SAMPLER, a PDF anthology of essays and stories written by us and our guests, including Paul Lisicky, Matthew Salesses, and Katherine Hill, plus the download link for the bonus episode.

There are other levels, but we anticipate these may be the most popular, but we hope you’ll be able to support the show at whatever levels you can comfortably afford. When donating at any level, all donors are invited to list one book you would like us to discuss on the show. If we reach the goal of $2000, we will list all nominated books in a poll and invite listeners to choose which book they’d like us to discuss in another bonus episode.

TO DONATE: click the button on the the support page, or follow this link. And please help us spread the word via your various social media tentacles, so we can keep this show going strong into another year. Thanks for your continued support!


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