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Episode 49: Richard Yates, The Easter Parade

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We welcome special guest Jaime Fountaine to discuss the 1976 novel The Easter Parade, a beautifully sad story about two sisters whose lives are … well, pretty sad. Talking points include: sweatpant jeans, New Yorker fiction, South Philly style, art school, and erectile dysfunction. Plus we debut a new segment: What’s In The Bag?


Today’s episode is sponsored by Smartish Pace, a non-profit independent poetry journal in Baltimore, who you should go visit and support, and maybe you can try to get yourself invited to one of their parties at AWP.

We’re still doing fundraising–thanks to everyone who’s donated so far. We’re still about $400 shy of our goal, so if you enjoy the show, please consider kicking in. If we can reach our goal by the end of the year, we’ll do a special bonus episode featuring a book chosen by you, the listener (that’s in addition to the bonus episode on Rush Limbaugh’s YA novel Rush Revere, which will be released in a couple weeks and available only to donors of $20 or more). We’ve got lots of other donor rewards, all of which you can see here. Donations are tax-deductible, since we’re part of Barrelhouse, a registered nonprofit, so if you need to get rid of some cash before the end of the year, consider us your Cayman Islands (except in this metaphor, the Cayman Islands keep your money and use it to entertain you via literary podcast for the next year).

As always, you can stream the episode right here on our site, or download the mp3 file and do with it what you will. Or check us out in the iTunes store, where you subscribe (for free) and never miss another episode.

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