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Writers Ask: Long Live Beaver College

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We’re joined this week by Joshua Isard, author of Conquistador of the Useless and director of the Arcadia University low-residency MFA program. Josh helps us answer questions about reading your own reviews, what you can do with your MFA, and why getting out of the country for a week can be good for your writing. We also subject Josh to our patented Book Fight Lightning Round.


For reasons that will become clear once you listen to the episode, here is a link to an animated gif of Babe Ruth’s (possibly huge) penis. For reasons that should already be clear, here is a link to information about the low-residency program at Arcadia.

As always, you can listen to the episode here on our site, or visit us in the iTunes store, where you can subscribe (for free) and download as many of our back episodes as you like. While you’re on the iTunes site, please consider leaving us a review, which helps us reach new fans.

Thanks for listening!

Oh, one final note: We’ve now opened voting for our listener-chosen bonus episode. We promised to do this if we reached our fundraising goal, and we did, so we’re keeping to our word. We’ll read whichever book gets the most votes, whether it’s The Silver Linings Playbook, Bruthas, or something that is actually good. It’s up to you! You can vote here, on our Support page.


Download Writers Ask: Long Live Beaver College (right-click, save-as)

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One thought on “Writers Ask: Long Live Beaver College

  1. Liked the part about responding to critics. After and essay of mine received a (minor) snarky comment, my aunts went on the attack. While I was touched by the loyalty of blood, I was also appalled. What to do?

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