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Writers Ask: Who Moved My Cheese?

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On this week’s Writers Ask episode, we’re answering listener questions about getting an MA (like, why the hell you might want to do it), the etiquette of submitting to a magazine that’s already published you, and how to find or form a writing group in your town. Also: Chubby Checker’s lesser-known dance crazes, rejecting your friends, and Philadelphia’s cheesiest pervert.

Somewhat related to our opening discussion of novelty songs, we highly recommend you check out the Wikipedia page for Bobby Boris Pickett. And also one of you should mail us a copy of the 1995 film Monster Mash: The Movie, starring Candace Cameron, Jimmie Walker, and Mink Stole. It’s imperative that we watch this.

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Thanks for listening. Feel free to drop us a line if you’ve got questions for us, or comments/suggestions about the show.


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One thought on “Writers Ask: Who Moved My Cheese?

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