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Writers Ask: Baby Detective


This week we’re answering questions about how to best make use of your limited writing time, and how to jolt yourself into action when you’re between projects. How do you pick your next project? How do you generate material when you’re not sure what you want to write? How do you choose between a bunch of potential writing projects when you’ve only got so many hours in the day?

We also tackle a question about present tense, and revisit the dust-up over its apparent omnipresence that was kicked up in 2010 by British novelist Philip Henshler, who complained in the Telegraph about how many of that year’s Booker Prize nominees employed present-tense narration. Philip Pullman, author of the His Dark Materials series, also weighed in against the preponderance of present tense in fiction, comparing it to the increasing use of handheld cameras in film. We consider the potential cultural implications of so much present-tensing, but also try to offer some practical advice to writers who might want to use it in their work.

Also this week: A couple more rejections by friend-of-the-show Lee Klein, whose book you can check out here. We consider what Tom should do with himself, now that he’s a successful novelist with nary a care in the world. Plus we workshop ideas for a detective novel starring a baby with soiled diapers.

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