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Episode 60: Kevin Canty, Into the Great Wide Open

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This week’s book, Kevin Canty’s first novel (published in 1996), is one of Mike’s favorites. We talk about what makes you return to a book, what it is Mike finds so beautiful and heartbreaking in this story of doomed teenage love, and whether Tom is on board with declaring this a great book.


We’ve also got a new installment of Fan Fiction Corner, during which we take a look at Wattpad, a free app that allows writers to post their work and get instant feedback from others. Not all the work on Wattpad is fan fiction, but a lot of it is. You can read the New York Times article we discussed here. Also, Mike managed to dig up some fan fiction about NBC’s hit show The Voice, which will make one to three of our listeners very happy.

A couple bits of self-promotion. You can read Tom’s ongoing series about daytime talk shows on his site. Mike has a new story, “The Ruling Classes,” in the new issue of December Magazine, and an essay called “A Curious Inheritance” in the spring issue of The North American Review.

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