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Summer of Shorts Episode 2: Dubus and Jorts

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Welcome back to the Summer of Shorts! This week we’re talking about the Andre Dubus story “The Fat Girl,” and the oft-maligned jort. Mike has been teaching this Dubus story for several years, through many syllabus changes. It follows its protagonist, Louise, through her childhood, college, marriage and pregnancy, tracking her difficult relationship to food and to her own self-image.


While we can’t confirm that Dubus was a jorts-wearer–nor that he was, in fact, wearing jorts in the above photo–we can confirm that jorts were the preferred summer fashion move for a young Tom McAllister. He was also a Doors fan, as illustrated by this photo:


Though he’s actually wearing Eagles-themed gym shorts in that photo, one can imagine that in jorts he looked something like this:


Here’s a pdf version of the Dubus story someone has posted online, if you don’t mind reading past someone else’s notes and underlinings (actually, it looks like they lost steam after the second page). And here’s a link to the story Tom mentioned in the episode, about a Weight Watchers participant getting fed up with the program.

As always, you can stream the episode below, or download the mp3 file. Or check us out in the iTunes store, where you can catch up on back episodes and subscribe (for free). If you’ve got feedback on what we talked about today, feel free to shoot us an email, hit us up on Twitter, or just leave a comment here on the episode post. Thanks for listening!


Download Summer of Shorts #2 (right-click, save-as)


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