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Episode 63: Michael W. Clune, White Out


We welcome a special guest, Leslie Jamison (author of The Empathy Exams) to discuss Clune’s memoir of heroin addiction. While a graduate student in literature at Johns Hopkins University, Clune was also a daily heroin user, a life he chronicles in dreamy, often beautiful prose. We also talk about addiction memoirs more generally, Jamison’s approach to essay-writing, pie shakes, Iowa City, and Haley Joel Osment.


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7 thoughts on “Episode 63: Michael W. Clune, White Out

  1. The conversation was consistently engaging so I enjoyed this longer than usual episode.

    I’ve also long enjoyed that your break music is the same theme used by the Video Vigilante in every video where he ambushes some poor schlub with a hooker.

  2. Thanks, Chris — I thought Leslie was a great a guest, so she helped to offset our own annoying tics.

    I had never heard of the Video Vigilante before. This is a whole new thing for me.

  3. Very good episode. Have either of you read “HHhH” by Laurent Binet? The whole discussion about an author interjecting himself into the narrative made me think of it. At times, I found Binet’s style a bit distracting but it also added an interesting layer. In some ways, it reminded me of W.G. Sebald.

  4. Hey guys. Another terrific episode. Engaging the whole time with Leslie Jamison an awesome guest. Thank you for being consistent with your output on the podcast and the passion you convey about the books you read.

  5. You guys always seem to raise your game when you get an intelligent guest on. Good stuff.

  6. Thanks, everybody! Paul, I haven’t read that book, but I’m adding it to my list. I’ve actually been looking for some more unconventional narratives lately (particularly memoirs, but fiction will do, too).

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