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Fall of Failure Episode 1: J.D. Daniels, “Letter from Majorca”

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This week we’re debuting a new series: the Fall of Failure. In these episode we’ll be talking about short stories and essays and also discussing failure in all its permutations: artistic failures, personal failures, military failures, and flops of all kinds. If you have suggestions for failures we should discuss, feel free to leave them in the comments, email us, or hit us up on Twitter.

In today’s episode we’re discussing the J.D. Daniels essay “Letter from Majorca,” which you can read on the Paris Review website. Mike recommended the essay way back in Episode 39, before we were discussing short pieces on the show, and wanted to revisit it now.

We also talk about the concept of failure: why it’s artistically interesting, why it’s important for people to fail, and why Americans, in particular, seem so lousy at it.

As always, you can stream the episode right here on our site, or download the mp3 file. You can also check us out in the iTunes store, where you can subscribe (for free) and never miss another installment. Also: we’ve now got t-shirts! Stop walking around shirtless, like some sort of creep. Support the show while hiding your shame!

We’ve also got an upcoming live event, September 25 at the Spiral Bookcase in Philadelphia. If you live in the area, please come out and join us!


Download Fall of Failure #1 (right-click, save-as)


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One thought on “Fall of Failure Episode 1: J.D. Daniels, “Letter from Majorca”

  1. Jk Rowling has a ted talk about failure which a therapist recommended to me a while ago and which I think I remember being pretty good. Though of course there’s a sense in which her failure is interesting only because it led to eventual obscene success and not as a thing in itself.

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