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Episode 73: Mark Binelli, Detroit City Is The Place To Be

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We’re joined this week by Gina Myers (poet, reviewer, recent transplant to Philadelphia) to discuss Mark Binelli’s much-praised 2012 book about his home town and America’s favorite allegory. The book is perhaps best described as long-form journalism, though with a fair bit of history, sociology, urban planning and political science thrown into the mix.

Gina, who grew up in nearby Saginaw, Michigan, picked this week’s book, which Mike was happy to read, having just returned from a trip to Detroit this summer. Tom, never having been to the state of Michigan, just had to grudgingly go along.


You can find out more about Gina, and her two full-length collections of poetry, at her website. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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One thought on “Episode 73: Mark Binelli, Detroit City Is The Place To Be

  1. I mostly like all the guests, but I especially liked Gina Myers

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