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Episode 77: Robb Forman Dew, Dale Loves Sophie to Death

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We’re back this week with another book-centered episode, this time on the 1982 National Book Award winner for best debut novel (back when that category still existed). We talk about “quiet” novels, and prickly female protagonists, and portrayals of parental anxiety. Also: Why did Tom pick this book, and then so quickly try to disown it? And why doesn’t he like spending time with Mike in the office?


In case you were wondering – and why wouldn’t you be? – Hungry Hungry Hippos is, in fact, a Milton Bradley joint. Also, the hippos apparently have names, which is just adorable.

Here’s a video of Paula Deen being hit in the face with a ham. Plus, I guess, the “Paula Deen Gets Hit In The Face With a Ham Remix”? The internet is fucking weird.

Finally – though, one might argue, most importantly! – here’s the link to click if you’d like to donate to our annual fund drive. Even a few bucks is appreciated. As we noted on the show, donations are like a vote of confidence, and confirmation that you’re actually out there, listening to and even enjoying the show. Until we figure out some better, more efficient way to monetize the work we do putting this thing together, our annual fundraising jam is the best we can do.

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One thought on “Episode 77: Robb Forman Dew, Dale Loves Sophie to Death

  1. This episode was great. Also, might I recommend this supplemental reading, pre-Notebook review:
    “I don’t like to say bad things about others,” but he’s a douche.

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