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Winter of Wayback: 1944

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This week we’ve set the Wayback Machine for 1944, where we’re reading a bit of literary criticism by Raymond Chandler: an essay called “The Simple Art of Murder” (which you can read for free at that link). The essay was originally written in 1944, and then revised for inclusion in Chandler’s 1950 story collection of the same name. In the piece, Chandler argues that too much second-rate detective fiction is rooted in fundamental dishonesty, and he praises the hard-boiled style of fellow writer Dashiell Hammett.

Of course we’ve also got lots of other 1944-related stories, including the origins of the Chiquita Banana jingle and cartoon character. Here she is in “Chiquita Banana and the Cannibals,” saving a man’s life and then making banana scallops with her suddenly human hands.

Also: The story of The Cleve Cartwell affair, in which Cartwell, a science fiction writer, penned a story about an atomic bomb that convinced the government there must be a mole in the Manhattan Project. You can read the two-part story about Cartwell in Asimov’s Science Fiction here, and here.

You can read the interview with Jonathan Franzen we talked about, in which he throws some shade at Jennifer Weiner, here, via Booth.

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One thought on “Winter of Wayback: 1944

  1. Buying fair trade bananas is the only way to keep from having banana blood on your hands. Also stay away from cocaine. Drug cartels treat their workers horribly.

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