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Winter of Wayback: 1932

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This week the Wayback Machine has deposited us in 1932, where we’ve learned about the origins of both Goofy and Betty Boop, Australia’s famed “emu war,” and Olympian/professional golfer/all-around badass Babe Didrikson. We also took a bit of a detour from our usual reading to check out two stories by prolific pulp writer Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian and Sailor Steve Costigan. The two stories we read, “Dark Shanghai” and “Night of Battle,” feature the latter of those two characters: you can download a whole mess of Sailor Steve stories via Feedbooks (bonus: they’re free, since the stories are now in the public domain).

We talk about the appeal of the “fight stories” genre, and marvel at how many pulp magazines the market–even in the midst of the Depression–was able to support. For a detailed history of pulp magazines, as well as browsable electronic issues of actual pulp mags, we’d highly recommend The Pulp Magazine Project.

1932 was part of the golden age of animation. To wit, here’s the first-ever cartoon to feature Goofy (known initially as Dippy Dog):

And here’s the first-ever Technicolor cartoon, which is … fine?

And one of the first cartoons to feature a human(ish) Betty Boop–and also Cab Calloway!

And, if you have a New Yorker subscription, you can read Joseph Mitchell’s famous profile of Lady Olga, one of the star’s of 1932’s cult classic film Freaks.

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