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Vote for a book! And give us feedback!

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Hey, everybody. First off, a big thanks for making our fund drive a success. When we set a goal of $5,000, we worried it might be a little ambitious, but you proved us wrong. Your donations are a vote of confidence that you like what we’re doing, and they’re a good motivator for us to keep on doing it.

At the beginning of the fund drive we promised that if we hit the $5,000 mark, we’d record a special bonus episode that would be free to everyone (not to be confused with the three-pack of special holiday episodes available only to donors). So now it’s time for the first step in making that bonus episode a reality: you pick a book for us to read.

Last year you picked The Silver Linings Playbook, by Matthew Quick (or “Q” to his friends) and I think we can all agree that worked out splendidly for everyone involved. So what’ll it be this year? The only ground rules are that the book has to be written in (or translated to) English, it has to be commercially available as either a physical book or an ebook (we’re not going on a wild goose chase through antiquarian bookstores) and it has to be under 500 pages. It can be a work of fiction, literary nonfiction, or a hybrid of the two. I suppose you could make us read poetry, as long as you understand we’re kinda dumb about poetry.

Ok, so here’s how this will work. Via the form below, nominate any book, as long as it meets the guidelines above. Author and title, please. You can include your justification for nominating it if you want, but that’s not required.

We’ll take nominations for a week or so, after which we’ll post a poll where you can all vote. Top vote-getter will be featured in a future bonus episode of Book Fight! Second place gets a cup of coffee and a set of steak knives. Third place can go fuck itself.

Just kidding! All books are wonderful, unique snowflakes.

Oh, one more thing! While you’re nominating a book, we’re also going to ask you a few questions about what you like and don’t like about the podcast. As much as we might come across as two doofuses (doofi?) who do very little advanced planning for anything, we actually do spend time talking about the direction of the show: how to make it better; how to grow our audience; how to eventually take over the entire literary world and bend it to our will. So your feedback to that end is very much appreciated.

Thanks, everybody, for your support. For your votes. For your kind (and kindly critical!) words. We look forward to another great year of podcasting!

From Tom’s basement to your ears (and hearts):

Mike and Tom



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One thought on “Vote for a book! And give us feedback!

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