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Episode 82: Yuri Herrera, Signs Preceding the End of the World

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This week is a Tom pick, a Mexican novel only recently translated into English but already receiving major buzz all over the internet. Makina, the book’s protagonist, makes a border crossing into the U.S. to find her brother, though the book works on more than that literal level, riding a fine line between realism and fabulism and drawing upon both contemporary politics and Aztec myth.


In the second half of the show, we’ve got a long-awaited bit of Cousin Joey news, as well as a new segment called Cargo Sweatpants Watch, in which Mike tries to triangulate the cultural meaning of Tom’s cargo sweatpants.

Thanks to everyone who donated to our recent fundraising drive. As promised, since we made our goal we’ll be recording a bonus episode on a book chosen by our listeners. We’ve now completed the first step of that process, taking book nominations, and now you can help us with the second step by voting for which book you’d like us to read. Just scroll up on the homepage for the poll, or click here if you’re the impatient type. Unless one book gets an obvious, landslide-style majority, we’ll probably do a run-off election of the top contenders in a week or so.

While we’ve got your attention and are asking you to do things, how about visiting our sponsor, Powell’s Books, by clicking on any of the Powell’s links around our site, including this one: C’Mon America, Let’s Eat!: Susan Powters Favorite Low Fat Recipes to Feed Your Family. Then, shop as you normally would, and a small percentage of every dollar you spend will come back to the show, at no additional cost to you. A win-win!

Here’s a link to Niina Pollari’s book of poetry, Dead Horse, via the Birds LLC website. And here’s her Tumblr site, where you can read bits of her work and check out some other cool weirdnesses.

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