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Bonus episode final voting


Because we’re making the rules up as we go along, and because the first round of bonus episode voting offered an unwieldy number of options, we’re running a second round of voting here, in which we’ve selected all the books that had at least 1% of the vote in the previous round. Just like last time, we’ll run this poll for one week, and the winner of this round will be the book for our bonus episode.

At least one of these books appears to have a very strong backing (or maybe just one person who keeps voting over and over and over. And over.) so you’ll have to campaign hard to rally support for your book choice.


6 thoughts on “Bonus episode final voting

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  2. Jeg ble ranet. Boken min vant en imponerende seier. Det var ikke behov for en avrenning.

  3. The struggle continues.

  4. Slite kamp, ​​slit og problemer.

  5. Stem på meg, Karl Ove. Jeg elsker Yankee USA og din mann Ted Cruz.

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