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Episode 83: D.J. Waldie, Holy Land


This week’s book is an unconventional memoir: in 300 short, numbered sections, D.J. Waldie investigates the origins of his hometown, a suburb outside of Los Angeles considered the Levittown of Southern California, as well as his own life and the lives of his parents. We talk about the book’s unusual construction, and how it creates connections and meaning through surprising juxtapositions.


Also this week: Fan Fiction Corner makes its long-awaited, triumphant return! Have you ever wanted to travel through time so you could hang out with the Beatles? Have you ever dreamed of impregnating an in-his-prime Paul McCartney? Have you ever wondered what it might be like if the Lads from Liverpool boned each other?

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5 thoughts on “Episode 83: D.J. Waldie, Holy Land

  1. You should do a Spring of Spite segment on the spiteful a**holes that nominated and voted for Empress Theresa.

  2. The return of Fan Fiction is most welcome. Terrific segment. Keep it up! (TWSS)

  3. Also liked your comments on Yoko Ono, as I am sick of every lazy and hacky comedian and radio personality using her as an easy target. It’s just embarrassing.

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