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Summer of Love: Allan Gurganus, “Minor Heroism”

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This week we’re debuting our new seasonal theme: the Summer of Love! We’ll be reading love-related stories and essays–and maybe even some poems–and discussing love from a variety of angles. Philosophy! Psychology! The comics page! Our own questionable decision-making! And so much more.

Speaking of the Summer of Love, if you’ve got a love-related question for us, send us an email, and we’ll answer your question on an upcoming episode. We can’t promise our advice will be good, but it will be … advice!

Anyway, on to this week’s show, in which we discuss Allan Gurganus’s story “Minor Heroism,” which originally appeared in the New Yorker in 1974. If you’re a New Yorker subscriber, you can read the story here. Though as with all our episodes, you don’t have to read the story to listen to the discussion. “Minor Heroism” was, reportedly, the first story featuring gay characters to be published in the New Yorker, and we talk this week about some of the seismic shifts that have occurred in gay rights and gay acceptance over the last few decades. Since our childhoods, there’s been a pretty amazing sea change, a realization we both had after the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.

Also this week, we test our podcasting partnership by taking a relationship quick by Doctor Phil.

As always, we’re happy to hear what you think about the stuff we discussed on this week’s show. You can email us directly, hit us up on Twitter, or just leave a comment here on the site. Also: we’re now on Facebook! So come visit us over there, where we are slowly getting better about posting candid studio photos and links to stuff we’ve talked about on the show.

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