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Episode 96: Emily Carroll, Through the Woods


This week on the show we’ve got a pair of guests, Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman, editors of Dirty Diamonds: An All-Girl Comics Anthology, and recent winners of a Philly Geek Award. They’ve chosen Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods for us to read, and they try to teach us how to approach comic stories. We talk about the relationship between text and image, ambiguous endings and spooky stories.


In the second half of the show we talk to Claire and Kelly about their work with Dirty Diamonds, their own comics, crying at pop concerts and the enduring legacy of Weird Al.

You can follow Claire on Tumblr. You can check out Kelly’s work, including her Weird Al work, on her own website. You can learn more about pizza beer at this site: it’s so good it deserves a wine glass!IMG_5867

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5 thoughts on “Episode 96: Emily Carroll, Through the Woods

  1. I’m really happy this collision of worlds happened

  2. This was an excellent episode, Kelly and Claire were terrific guests. I enjoyed hearing two knowledgeable people speaking about a book they were enthusiastic about. People passionate about something is always a compelling listen.

    I was unfamiliar with Emily Carroll (shamefully, as it turns out she lives just a few towns over from me), but this episode got me to check out her on-line comics. Great stuff to be found at

    I heartily agree with the guests point about how horror is often more effective when not everything is explained. One of the main reasons I don’t enjoy the horror/comic book/big studio movies these days is that they seem to have become obsessed with origin stories and prequels. I’m honestly astonished audiences want to know the back story to everything, be it Alien or The Shining.

    This was one of you best shows. Good job.

  3. Thanks, Chris! Kelly and Claire fit in so perfectly to the rhythms of the show (while still bringing their own specific energy) that I was really happy with how it turned out. Glad to hear others enjoyed it too.

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