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Episode 112: Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

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Here’s a prediction: Some people in our listening audience are going to feel vindicated by our opinions about the wildly popular novel Gone Girl. Some other people in our listening audience are going to be really angry and send us emails telling us how wrong we are about everything. And still other people won’t care one way or another, because they’re just tuning in for Raccoon News, or because they’re using our podcast to learn English, or because they have a very specific kink that involves listening to dudes talk semi-seriously about books.

Which camp will you fall into? Let us know in the comments!


You know what the book is about, right? At least basically? It’s right there in the title! Also they made a movie out of it. Ben Affleck’s in it. Remember when Ben Affleck was on that PBS genealogy show and they found out his ancestry included a slave owner and then Ben Affleck somehow convinced PBS to cut that part out of the show, even though it was probably the only interesting part of the show, and then later still people on the internet found out about it and Ben Affleck had to apologize?

Stars! They’re just like us!

Actually, at least one of your Book Fight co-hosts has a slave owner in his ancestry. It wasn’t great to find that out, but it wasn’t entirely surprising, either. PBS can talk about it all they want. Maybe we’ll talk about it on a future episode.

Anywhoo, speaking of stars, here is a video that will help remind you about Ray Pruitt, and his shirting preferences:

Side note: Both your Book Fight hosts really wish the above video didn’t have that cartoony music at the end, which seems to perhaps make light of a woman being pushed down the stairs. We’re not endorsing that shit. Ray Pruitt was a monster, though he was a monster with a voice that can make your pants just melt right off.

Side note #2: If you’d forgotten about The Heights, the short-lived show starring Ray Pruitt (aka Jamie Walters), this synopsis from IMDB is … sort of helpful?

‘The Heights’ is not only the name of the suburb a group of young adults lives in, it’s also the name of the rock band they’ve set up. During its 12 episodes, the show tells partly comedian, partly serious and melancholy about relations, crises and important events in the lives of the young people. Each shows features a song of the band.

The Heights actually pre-dated Walters’s turn on Beverly Hills, 90210. Apparently he didn’t much care for the plot arc that turned him into an abusive boyfriend. He was touring in support of his hit single “Hold On” and teenage girls were holding up signs at concerts that said “Leave Donna Alone.” Speaking of Donna Martin, you should really go read her Wikipedia entry, which is just fantastically odd.

Here’s a link to a People Magazine story about the raccoons invading Brooklyn and turning it into a “frat party.”

Here’s a video of Waxahatchee performing live on KEXP:

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