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Episode 116: Lillian Ross, Picture (with guest Jason Fagone)

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Look, Book Fighters, today isn’t supposed to exist, okay? On the one hand, we understand this whole “leap year” thing is based in “science,” that every few years we have to make up for a small imperfection in our system of calendrical time-keeping, but on the other hand, it all seems kind of vaguely unholy, doesn’t it? If God created us, and we created the calendars, then what gives, you know? We can’t help but feel that we’re gonna get a pretty serious smiting for even acknowledging this day. To be on the safe side, we’re going to spend it in bed, eating Swedish fish and Entenmann’s fruit pies and listening to our favorite podcasts. We’d suggest you do the same!

Speaking of podcasts, we’ve got one you could add to your unholy-day playlist. It’s about Lillian Ross’s seminal work of longform journalism, PICTURE. The book, which first appeared as a series of essays in The New Yorker, follows John Huston as he makes The Red Badge of Courage. Ross got unprecedented access to the process, and to the various producers and executives both helping and hindering the movie, so that her book provides a rich, full accounting of what’s involved in making a Hollywood film, circa 1951.

Our guest this week is Jason Fagone, freelance journalist and author of two books, Horsemen of the Esophagus (about competitive eating) and Ingenious (about remaking the American automobile). He’s published pieces in The New Yorker, GQ, The Atlantic, the New York Times, Esquire, Wired, and Philadelphia Magazine.

To listen to this week’s episode, just click on the player thingy below, or on the download link, which will get you an mp3 file. Or visit us in the iTunes store, or in whatever app you use for podcasts, through which you can download back episodes and subscribe (for free!) so that you never miss another installment. While you’re in the iTunes store, how about leaving us a rating, and a review, which will help us reach new listeners?

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One thought on “Episode 116: Lillian Ross, Picture (with guest Jason Fagone)

  1. Thanks for the blurb, guys!

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