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AWP Extra: Elisa Gabbert

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Hey, friends! We’ve got a bonus mini-episode for you today, a quick conversation with poet and essayist Elisa Gabbert, recorded at the AWP conference in Los Angeles last week. We talked to Elisa about navigating the AWP bookfair, the kinds of poems that go over well in bars, her sometimes-controversial advice column at Electric Literature, and whether doing SEO and content-marketing work is a good gig for a poet.


The National Review, of all people, wrote a rather pearl-clutching response to one of Elisa’s columns, after she suggested white male writers should maybe just chill a little bit (actually, what’s the threatened-white-male version of pearl clutching? privilege-clutching?). You should definitely follow Elisa on Twitter, and you should order her most recent book, The Self Unstable, if you didn’t order it after Mike recommended it way back in Episode 57.

As always, the episode is free to stream here on our site, by clicking on the little player below, or you can download the mp3 file. Or visit us in the iTunes store, or wherever you get your podcasts.

We’ll be back on Monday with our next regular episode. Thanks for listening!

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One thought on “AWP Extra: Elisa Gabbert

  1. I don’t think you guys really want to know what white males clutch 😉 Another interesting podcast – love the Bookfight Podcast and tuning in helps me make it through the day at work.

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