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Episode 122: Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None


One of the most popular mysteries by one of the world’s most popular mystery writers. What could possibly go wrong? Aside from the book’s weird racism, that is: while the title of this Agatha Christie novel has always been And Then There Were None, in Great Britain the original title included the n-word. So, that’s weird. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good locked-room mystery, in which ten strangers are trapped on an island and they keep getting murdered. But the racism: it’s pretty hard to look past it.


In addition to the book, we talk about Agatha Christie’s odd, and still-unexplained, disappearance, in 1926. Here’s a link to the story from The Independent that provides some theories.

We’ve also got a new installment of Fan Fiction Corner, which at least some of you must be excited about. This week: political fanfic! Including some steamy Marco Rubio stuff!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 122: Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None

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  2. In the closing comments you make reference of a local NJ author. Could you spell the name out as I’m struggling to find him. I have found Tom Hart’s book and found it to be a very sad but worthy recommendation. Love the podcast, keep up the good work.

    • That NJ author is Paul Lisicky, who we can’t recommend highly enough. After you check out his book, you can also find him as a guest in a very early episode, probably before we even upgraded the mics. Thanks for listening!

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