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Episode 133: Spring of Success, Jennifer Weiner (“Tour of Duty”)


It’s the last week for our Spring of Success feature, and we’re wrapping things up by checking out Jennifer Weiner’s first published story, “Tour of Duty,” which originally appeared in a 1992 issue of Seventeen Magazine. The story isn’t available online, though it was collected in Weiner’s The Guy Not Taken.

Here’s a photo of the author, enjoying the sort of red-carpet treatment that comes (sometimes) with literary success.


We talk about Weiner’s path to success, and her 10-point advice to prospective novelists. We also talk about her much-publicized beef with Jonathan Franzen, and also the time Mike met her agent in a South Philly coffee shop.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 133: Spring of Success, Jennifer Weiner (“Tour of Duty”)

  1. Overall, a good show, but the highlight was the discussion at the end about questioning yourself how to personally define “success”. You sounded as though you were really soul searching. If I knew how, I’d attach that gif from BAD BOYS of Will Smith saying “Shit just got real”.

    • ha! I was thinking probably I should have done more planning to have a clearer, or at least more articulate, answer. But I’m glad to hear people like when the show gets into that kind of territory.

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