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Episode 138: Walter Mosley, Devil in a Blue Dress

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This week is Tom’s pick, the first published novel by Walter Mosley, and the first in his long-running Easy Rawlins series: Devil in a Blue Dress. The book first came out in 1990, and a few years later inspired a Denzel Washington film of the same name. In the book, we first meet Rawlins, a WWII vet and reluctant detective living in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, circa 1948. Rawlins gets pulled into a mystery he doesn’t fully understand, and isn’t sure he wants to understand, but pretty quickly he’s too enmeshed to get out.


In the second half of the show, we bring back Fan Fiction Corner, i.e. the segment in which Mike finds interesting or weird fan fiction on the internet and Tom gets confused and possibly angry about it. In this week’s segment: a Christian version of Harry Potter that won’t turn your kid toward withcraft, plus maybe the lamest dystopia ever.

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