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Episode 139: Summer of Second Chances, Penelope Lively (“The Five Thousand and One Nights”)


Back in Episode 105, we read Penelope Lively’s novel Making It Up, and boy did we not care for it one bit. But maybe we just picked the wrong book, and we’d enjoy something else by this Booker Prize-winning author. So in the spirit of our seasonal theme, we decided to give Lively’s work a second chance. We read two stories from her 1997 collection, The Five Thousand and One Nights, including the title story, plus a story about an unhappy couple on a bus trip in Australia.

Here’s a picture of the author wearing a very nice hat.


Also this week, we share a listener-submitted story of literary second chances, and Mike shares some advice on getting back together (or not) with your ex. Plus Tom talks about getting dumped via Fleetwood Mac lyrics.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 139: Summer of Second Chances, Penelope Lively (“The Five Thousand and One Nights”)

  1. EXORCIST III is pretty a solid flick. The movie has a lot of intentional humour (Fabio has a cameo as an angel!), but is also insanely creepy. There are quite a few scary scenes from this burned into my memory.

    It was written and directed by William Peter Blatty, who wrote the original EXORCIST novel, and the novel LEGION, which EXORCIST III was based on. When he finished the movie, originally called LEGION, the studio said, “Hey, we should call it EXORCIST III. I bet that will make more people come out to see it.” And William Peter Blatty said, “Um, yeah, only this movie doesn’t have an exorcism in it.” So the studio made him shot a new ending with an exorcism tacked in.

    I’m still amazed it worked.

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