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Episode 146: Cormac McCarthy, The Road


This week’s post may be a short one, since one of us just came back from Barrelhouse Writer Camp and maybe needs to sleep for a lot of hours. Such a fun time! Writing by a creek, making new friends, going on a couple hikes, drinking some beers, helping a minion fulfill his final destiny.

Anyway, we read The Road this week. By Cormac McCarthy? We’re guessing you’ve heard of it. Somehow neither of us had read it before, and it seemed a fitting time to rectify that.


In the episode, we talk about whether the book’s post-apocalyptic hellscape feels like a thought exercise or an actual, possible future. We also talk about the book’s style, which is apparently polarizing, at least to some Goodreads reviewers. And because we’re both goofy idiots, we stunt-cast the movie with our ideal pairings.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 146: Cormac McCarthy, The Road

  1. This has got to be the most depressing book I’ve ever read that I’ve really considered to be a good novel. Probably shouldn’t have had it as a beach read a year ago, but I’m still glad I read it.

  2. great book. nice episode. i too was tripped up by Mike’s Goodreads rating. the russians, perhaps.

    in other news 😉 i stumbled today across the term “flannel merchant,” in the sense of someone who peddles falsehoods, and thought the Fall of Flannel might work if you guys have yet to settle upon a new seasonal theme for fiction(s).

    longtime fan, first time caller

  3. One of my favorite books. You mentioned something called By Heart (Bye Hart, Bi-Heart?) during the episode and mentioned linking that somewhere, where can I find that? I’m really interested in reading it!

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