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Episode 150: Fall of Food With Special Guest Sarah Sweeney

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This week we’ve got a special Fall of Food episode with guest Sarah Sweeney, author of the new essay collection Tell Me If You’re Lying, releasing soon from Barrelhouse Books. Sarah picked an essay for us to read, a piece from Esquire about the chef Ferran Adria, considered one of the pioneers of molecular gastronomy. We talk about the line between interestingly descriptive food writing and ridiculous, over-the-top food writing. We also consider the current state of the “celebrity chef,” and whether that concept has gone too far.

Here’s a picture of Ferran Adria looking rather joyful in his kitchen.


In the second half of the show, Sarah fixes us some traditional Mexican snacks, including a mango dish and a drink made from hibiscus flowers. She also forces us to drink some Mexican booze she brought back from her most recent trip to Oaxaca. Good times!

We talk to her about her book, and about growing up in North Carolina, including her barbecue preferences, and why her mother wouldn’t let white creamy foods into her childhood home. Plus all our usual lightning-round questions.

As always, you can stream the show right here on the site, or download the mp3 file. You can also find us in the iTunes store, or wherever you normally get your podcasts, where you can subscribe (for free!) and never miss another weekly installment.

Also: You can order Sarah’s book directly from Barrelhouse Books, before it’s available in bookstores or on Amazon. And for a limited time, get 10% off when you use the offer code POPTART.

Thanks for listening!


Download Episode 150 (right-click, save-as)


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