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Episode 155: Fall of Food, “Who Owns Southern Food?”

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This week we’re discussing a recent essay from The Oxford American, co-written by John T. Edge and Tunde Wey, called “Who Owns Southern Food?” It’s a response, in a sense, to both this article from Eater and the backlash it fomented from certain (white) corners of Charleston, S.C. We’d certainly recommend reading both, but as usual you should be able to follow along with the discussion without doing the reading.

On the one hand, the essay is a bit afield of the stuff we normally talk about on the show. On the other hand, it sparked a lot of discussion, and dovetailed with a number of issues we’d both been thinking about lately, about politics and race and appropriation. It also made Mike consider how little he learned, growing up in Charleston, about the history and culture of the Gullah people who were all around him.


In the second half of the show, we eat some snacks, as is our wont (at least until fall is officially over). This week we challenged ourselves to bring in regional foods from the places where we grew up. Mike made some cheese grits–our first homemade snack!–and Tom provided Tastykakes. We also ate some Middleswarth chips, sent in from friend-of-the-show Dave Housley. We’d eaten, and enjoyed, the Central Pennsylvania company’s BBQ offering, on several occasion, but this was our first experience with the other flavors.

Here are links to two articles on John Raines, the Temple prof Tom discusses at the start of the show: a profile in the NYT and afn article by Raines himself on the role of whites in fighting for civil rights.

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