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Episode 157: Fall of Food, Jack London (“A Piece of Steak”)

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This week we continue our exploration of food in literature by reading the classic Jack London story, “A Piece of Steak.” Tom King, an aging boxer, just wants one more payday, and a big, juicy piece of steak. But standing in his way is a much younger, fitter opponent. Will age and experience win out, or will youth have its way? A classic narrative struggle!


In addition to the story, we’ve got some snacks to discuss, all of them new to us: Faygo Red Pop (drink of choice of Juggalos everywhere), Twinkies Chocodiles, plus some truly weird (and disturbing) 7-11 chips.

Also: lots of other stuff! Seriously, it’s good, and interesting, the one of us who writes these recaps is just a little tired here at the end of the semester, and after a three-day parental visit, so maybe use your imagination to fill in the details of how great this week’s episode is. Or even better: give it a listen! You can stream the episode below, or download the mp3 file, or check us out in the iTunes store, where you can subscribe (for free!) and never miss another weekly installment.

Thanks for listening!

Stream Episode 157:

Download Episode 157 (right-click, save-as)


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