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Episode 159: Christmas Spectacular 2016


Hello, Book Fight listeners! We’ve made it through another year, if barely. As a reward, let’s all enjoy this super-sized holiday episode. Two books! A very special surprise guest! An above-average amount of bickering! Plus some discussion–perhaps fueled by end-of-year exhaustion–about whether this dumb show should continue to exist. Enjoy!

Our first book, despite the word “Christmas” appearing in the title, turned out to be less a holiday book than a shooting-and-punching-everyone-but-especially-Native-Americans book. There was so much shooting and punching! And enough offensive descriptions of Indians that readers will be rooting for the “renegades” to just kill all the book’s terrible white people.


Look, there’s no reason for you to read this book. Instead, listen to us try to explain its overstuffed cast of characters and stupid, idiot plot.

For the show’s second act, we’re joined by a very special surprise guest. We can’t say who it is. But we CAN say that longtime listeners will be very, very excited.

Our second book was a Christmas romance, which was at least sort of fun to read.It involves a Christmas-themed strip club, an undercover cop, true love, and SO MUCH FUCKING. An undercover cop visits a strip club as part of an investigation, meets a hot accountant who’s pretending to be a stripper, and sparks fly! (By “sparks,” we mean “bodily fluids” and by “fly” we mean pass in and out of various bodily orifices).



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6 thoughts on “Episode 159: Christmas Spectacular 2016

  1. Gonna indulge myself with the fantasy that Q is showing up to discuss the second book. I have to wait to get the kids to bed before I can actually find out. 😉

  2. Your lack of familiarity with James Brown is disappointing.

  3. I’m pretty sure ‘built like a brick shit house’ is Australian slang, referring to an outside toilet which I suppose needs to be well built so as to withstand the weather. In Australia you would say someone is built like a brick shit house if they are really large and strong and well, built like a brick shit house. I’m sorry, I’m Australian and I don’t have any other words to describe this sort of person, such is the reliance in Australian culture on this phrase. I’m not sure it would be a flattering thing to say about a woman, except maybe if female wrestlers float your boat, so to speak. Which they may well do, no judgement here. Maybe Mistress Christmas was a female wrestler. I can only say that if someone were to refer to me, a six-foot-tall woman, as being built like a brick shit house I would probably try to give them a roundhouse kick to the head, only I would fail because I am not built like a brick shit house.

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