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Bonus Episode: AWP 2017 with Lyz Lenz

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Surprise! Here’s a special mid-week bonus episode featuring Lyz Lenz, the new managing editor for The Rumpus. Lyz is also a writer (we talked about one of her essays back in Episode 102), as well as a noted hater.

We talk about essay pitches, judgy Christians, “men’s fiction,” Little House on the Prairie, how to be a creep at literary conferences, and what kind of pizza is the best pizza. Lyz sent us the below picture so listeners could have a visual image of her preferred style of pie. Yum!

As always, you can stream the show right here on our site, or download the mp3 file and take it with you. Or, find us in the iTunes store, or wherever you normally get your podcasts, where you can subscribe (for free!) and never miss an episode. We’ll be back on Monday with another regular installment.


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One thought on “Bonus Episode: AWP 2017 with Lyz Lenz

  1. Chicago pizza?!?!?! *hiss*

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